Victoria s.r.l.

SINCE 1920

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An innovative PRIVATE LABEL

For VICTORIA, the concept of customization does not correspond to what is commonly called “private label”. The latter in fact is nothing more than the printing of the Customer’s brand on “standard” products. VICTORIA, on the other hand, creates ad hoc products by letting the customer choose the type, shape and color of the wood, the type, length and color of the bristles, the type, size and color of the packaging.

A truly complete customization, even more appreciated today that the market is in continuous and frenetic evolution, especially after the advent of e-commerce: every Customer, big or small, wants to be immediately recognizable and therefore asks that the products purchased are personalized in content and are distinguished by theis own brand.

VICTORIA has anticipated this trend and in fact for years now has set up a specialized department, capable of printing every product (brushes, sets, polishes, sprays, cloths, shoe trees, shoehorns) even for small batches.

A FAMILY company

VICTORIA SRL is a family business and it is by choice, since it has always privileged a niche market attentive to quality, so much so that the care of the product and the attention to the needs of the Customers are its workhorse.

But, as in all family businesses, if there is no generational change, the company risks extinction: even more so in times like these, in which new production technologies and above all new communication tools and marketers require the presence of young and motivated people in the company: fortunately Federica, third generation of the Perin family, has decided, after graduating in International Relations at Alma Mater in Bologna, to join the “Victoria” world, in which is particularly followed by the research and development and communication aspects.