A careful analysis of the footwear care market has convinced us of the need
to create a high quality line for shoe care that could satisfy even the most
demanding Customers.

With the entry into the company of Federica, a line of products was therefore born which, starting from the brushes, an original product of Victoria
srl, spans the entire world of the care and maintenance of footwear and
leather goods.

We then went in search of old recipes for the creation of creams with an ancient “flavor”, as well as we studied new formulas for brightening and waterproof  products, and created innovative products such as shampoos and deodorants, in a mix of tradition and innovation.

The line of accessories is then completed by cotton cloths and gloves,
metal and wooden shoes and scented cedar wood shoetrees, which are made
specially for us, as well as the precious real horn shoehorn, by master oriental

With all these products available, we have created a series of kits for cleaning
the shoe, which differ from one another in size, content and end use.
Since all this, combined with the universally recognized quality of VICTORIA brushes, represents excellence in the world of shoe care, we could only give the name EXCELLENCE.