Victoria is one of the first Italian producers of brushes. It was one of the first to estabilish an industrial structure and one of the first estabilish itself as an economic entity in the Italian North-East Market.

Everything stems from simple gestures. The use of a brush is linked to cleanliness, style and human dignity and is lost in the  history of time as something that “has always been with us “.

After all, a pair of shoes and some form of attire have always been part of mankind! No wonder such ancient objects are impervious to the changes brought about by technology.

Brushes too have changed with time, adopting new material and shape. Today Victoria is a company with an industrial structure , technically in step with time.

The complete production process yields the finished article starting first with the design and proceeding then tothe selection and transformation of raw material without ever relying on a third party at any stage.

Such complete process is an added bonus in terms of production flexibility offering, therefore , an unparallel standard of service. SDuch quality does not rest solely with the products but includes every step up the final marketing of the finished article.

The UNI EN ISO 9001-2000 obtained in 1997 and abandoned in 2010 is further evidence proof of one of Victoria’s methods: our quaklity, born out of experience , is timeless , and our tradition is tempered by technological advances. An ancient product is therefore generating very contemporary articles able to compete in a global market.

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